My time at Cambridge was some of the best of my life, and this was made possible by the Prince Philip Scholarship. I had the opportunity to attend lectures by world-renowned experts, and exchange ideas with some of the brightest minds in the world. The study of law at Corpus Christi was rigorous, and my legal thinking now was shaped by the many hours of discussion with my jurisprudence and legal history supervisors. Intellectual pursuits aside, Cambridge has also broadened my horizon and taught me the power of the law in the context of social justice (something Prince Philip Scholars are encouraged to get involved in). I travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo with the Cambridge Lawyers Without Borders society to help improve access to justice there, and also set up the African Prisons Project in Cambridge in 2013. These are all fond memories which made my time in Cambridge unforgettable. I also made lifelong friends with whom I to stay in touch on a very regular basis!


Ping Kan is currently working as a litigation associate at Latham & Watkins’s Hong Kong office.