Thanks to the Prince Philip Scholarship, I spent three wonderful undergraduate years at Cambridge, where the solid foundation of my scientific career was laid. Through its challenging curricula and eye-opening activities, Cambridge exposed me to the depth and breadth of scholarly pursuits. Cambridge’s undergraduate ‘supervisions’ (weekly small group tutorials) enabled doctoral students and faculty to give each undergraduate their attention and to engage them individually. I was given ample opportunities to ask questions and be drilled. The weekly essay questions trained me in both scientific thinking and writing, and prepared me well for my subsequent graduate school education. I met many wonderful friends in Cambridge, whose companionship and moral support brought me great joy and comfort in times. I am grateful to the Friends of Cambridge University in Hong Kong for their generosity. The scholarship was literally a gift that changed the course of my life.


Isaac is currently Associate Professor of Epidemiology, at Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia, USA.