As the best university in the world, Cambridge holds a mythical status: the gorgeous architecture, the Harry Potter-esque gowns and the large share of Nobel Prize recipients. Once I arrived here, however, I realized what made Cambridge a magical place is the people who all love learning. At supervisions, we had the unique opportunity to ask questions and discuss science with frontline researchers who made original discoveries. Students bonded over their shared passion for learning, not just in our degree subjects but about the world around us, helping and challenging one another along the way. Even as an international student, I made friends easily, many of whom remain my closest friends. I also became an avid rower at my college, and participated in Cambridge Bumps and the Head of River Race on the Thames. I am incredibly grateful to The Friends of Cambridge in Hong Kong for their support in my Cambridge journey that has undoubtedly shaped who I am today.


Hilary is currently completing her PhD in Genetics at Cambridge.