Coming from a modest background, I was supported by the Prince Philip Scholarship to read Social and Political Sciences at Trinity College, Cambridge.  This experience has an immense impact on my career, learning process, and attitude.  I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

Cambridge opened doors.  Had I not gone to Cambridge, I would not have been exposed to many options.  After attending presentations from city firms and interning in London, I decided to go into business.

Supervisions in Cambridge strengthened my analytical skills.  I learnt how to build linkages and spot implications from a large pool of information.  This learning process has been extremely useful in my management consulting career, as well as in handling critical life decisions.

I learned to believe in myself and to take risks.  After becoming a mother, I have been passionate about teaching Chinese to the children in the UK.  To realise my aspiration, I co-founded Little Bunnies Mandarin LLP, while pursuing my management consulting career.   In four years, it has grown from one class in a local library to nearly 20 classes across London, enabling children from one to twelve  years-old to learn Chinese in a fun and engaging way.

Stay open-minded and make the best of your Cambridge experience!


Karen is currently Commercial Manager of Bain London & CEO of Little Bunnies Mandarin.