Burying a time capsule with friends in the pouring rain just before graduation, cycling with a rice cooker on each handlebar to a Chinese New Year celebration, pelting stones at a friend’s window at midnight (as part of a birthday surprise), lecturing English friends on how to write Chinese during our law lectures, buying Secret Santa at Ann Summers, talking life philosophy at 2am in the laundry room on a Saturday night, orating in the Senate Hall itself, having chicken and sweetcorn bap from Nadia’s almost every day, listening in person to Lord Bingham set out his doctrine on the rule of law for the first time, getting into a crazy water fight on the Cam, staring in awe at the Tour de Cambridge rushing past Pembroke every morning at 9am just before lectures, oh, and actually meeting Prince Philip the man himself…!

11 years later and still so beautiful. Thank you, Cambridge, for it all.


Hugh Kam is a barrister at Plowman Chambers and a Member of the Council of the Hong Kong Bar Association.